Sea View Suite is a perfect investment because  
1. A Comfortable Vacation Home
2.  Generates Good Rental Income
3. It has ample Potential to grow
4. It provides you Freedom Life Style and Financial security
5. A dream come true for semi-retirement in Paradise

If you own Sea View Suite, you don't have to be a millionaire to live like one

Escape the harsh winter in the North. Come to this tropical paradise, Belize. It is Beautiful, Natural, and Friendly

White sand beaches, warm weather and colorful coral reef make this boutique hotel perfect for you. 

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 Absentee Owner
let the present employee manage it
-they have been doing this for 6 years
-they always make profits for the owner
-present owners seldom come to Belize
-you can monitor through Security Cameras
-You take vacation here anytime for free


Need more information? Please contact


 John's email: or phone: 1+ 604-649-8702

Live-In Owner


-move in 2nd  floor  2400 sf luxurious apartment

- manage the 6 hotel rooms on the main floor

-it is only an easy part-time job

-operating costs decrease, Profit increases

-meeting happy tourists is fun in life

Snow Bird Owner

-manage it only in High Season

-close it in Low Season (July-Nov.)

-take vacation in USA or Canada

-Income in high season is good 

-yield has been 10% approx.

Belize is an English speaking country in Central America. It was once a British colony and still maintain the good tradition of British system. It has low taxes, nice climate, friendly people, tropical beauty, white sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean Sea and the longest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere. It is located very close to USA and only 4 hours flight from Toronto. 

Belize dollar is officially pegged to the US dollars at a rate 2 to 1. This protects the stability from currency fluctuations. The standard of living is much lower than USA and Canada, but the fruits and sea foods are much fresher, and healthier.

Being more and more popular as the winter shelter for Canadians and Americans, it is a safe investment for you. Besides, this country inherits the British Common Law and allows foreign ownership of Free-Hold title for properties. Once you bought them, you and your children can own it forever until you sell again. Furthermore, if you do sell, there is no capital gain taxes. 

We also co-operate with Realtors. They are welcome to contact us for more detail.


Sea View Suites

An income-generating vacation home in Belize

is for sale now

asking price: U$ 695,000 

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